Lied 8: The Holy Baptism

Tekst: Joseph Hart
Melodie: Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Zetting: Henk C. de Gelder

1. By what amazing ways
the Lord vouchsafes t' explain,
the wonders of His sovereign grace
towards the sons of men!

2. He shows us first how foul
our nature 's made by sin;
then teaches the believing soul
the way to make it clean.

3. Our baptism first declares
what need we've all to cleanse;
then shows that Christ to all God's heirs
can purity dispense.

4. Water the body laves;
and, if 't is done by faith,
the blood of Jesus surely saves
the sinful soul from death.

5. Water no man denies;
but, brethren, rest not there;
't is faith in Christ that justifies,
and makes the conscience clear.

6. Baptized into His death,
we rise tot life divine;
the Holy Spirit works the faith,
and water is the sign.

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