Lied 98: Glory to God in the highest

Tekst: William Gadsby
Melodie: John Antes/John Wilkes
Zetting: Euwe de Jong

1. At the birth of Christ our King,
angels made the heavens ring,
singing, with a solemn joy:
'Glory to the Lord on high.'

2. Glory in the highest height,
blazing with majestic light,
shines in David's root and rod,
the incarnate Son of God.

3. Sinners here by faith may view,
what Omnipotence can do;
and in measure sweetly trace
the rich treasures of His grace.

4. Come, ye mourning souls, rejoice;
look, and, with a cheerful voice,
sing the honours of your Lord,
blazing the incarnate Word.

5. Soon the whole elect shall view
all the glory God can shew!
And in bliss immortal sing,
hallelujah to their King!

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